Welcome to Back to Heartland

This Website is dedicated to supporting the Youth Ministry Programs in Deanery 14 Our Lady of the Lake, Deanery 15 St. John Neumann, and Deanery 16 St. Juan Diego

Vision Statement

Our vision is to support Parish youth ministry with affordable area gatherings that let youth experience larger church and community. Through the gatherings we will nurture the entire person and offer experiences for spiritual growth so individuals can strengthen their relationship with Christ. Through the gatherings leadership training is provided for youth, young adults, adults in the form of Coordinators/team members for the gatherings.

Forms for Upcoming Events

March 20: BTH Senior Prom, Shelby St. Mary (High School Team members)

March 20: BTH Senior Prom Team

June 24-26: Back to Heartland Y.E.S., Willard St. Francis Xavier (Incoming Freshman outgoing Seniors, need post High School Team members)

Emergancy Medical Form

TEC 2015-2016 Brochure (with retreat weekend dates)

TEC Candidate Application Form

TEC Candidate Reference Form

TEC Team Application Form